Over 2,000 Homeless Children Received Medical Treatment in Herat

HERAT (BNA) Over 2,000 sick homeless children have been received medical treatement in Herat medical centers in the last one year.

Local officials at the Department of Labor and Social Affairs of Herat say that with the cooperation of the Department of Public Health of this province, 2020 children have been received medical treatments in clinics in the past year, and every month 12 children who need surgery are operated.

The Herat’s head of labor and social affairs, Hafiz Mirza Mohammad Abu Mansoor in an interview with Bakhtar News Agency reporter said that 250 children are being treated every month by the clinics, and in this process, priority is given to orphan children, and in the second step needy children are included.

The process has been finalized after an understanding with the Department of Public Health, the treatment is free and health problems of children addressed in this province, he added.

The Lobar and Social Affairs department is striving to put an end to the problems of all orphans and homeless children in the city in different processes, Mansoor said.


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