Over 3 Bln new banknotes reached the Country in Past Year: DAB

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghanistan Bank officials say that 3.1 billion new Afghani banknotes have arrived in the country during the past year.

Da Afghanistan Bank shared its annual reports with the media during a press conference in Kabul at the Media and Information Center.

In this press conference, Ahmad Jawad Sadad, a senior official of Da Afghanistan Bank said that the bank was able to increase the value of money in the fiscal year of 1401 to preserve Afghani value against foreign currencies.

During the past year, Afghani currency against the US dollar increased by 1.01 percent, he added.

According to him, 3.1 billion new Afghani banknotes, which include (10, 20, 50, and 100) banknotes, have arrived in the country.

Da Afghanistan Bank is striving to collect old Afghani banknotes from the market and distribute new banknotes, he said.

During the year 1401 Da Afghanistan Bank collected 8.6 billion Afghanis in revenue, which shows an increase of 59.5 percent compared to the 1400 fiscal year, he added.


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