Over 700 Criminals Arrested by Police in Paktia

PAKTIA (BNA) Local police officials of Paktia say that during 11 months of the current year, 751 people have been arrested in that province on charges of criminal offenses.

Paktia’s Criminal Crimes Department has discovered and investigated 303 cases of robbery, murder, and social destruction, and 720 people have been arrested on charges with cases.

According to reports of the counter-terrorism management forces of Paktia, discovered 213 rounds of light and heavy weapons, 63 hand grenades, 2,236 different projectiles, and 93 shallots, and arrested 21 people on charge with the discovered ammunition.

Meanwhile, the counter-narcotics police of Paktia, by registering 39 cases, discovered four drug production factories in different districts of the province.

Local officials of the province say that this year, 624 security officers were trained in military principles, communications, and patrolling in the province.


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