Pak Delegation Reaffirms Commitment On Peace Restoration In Afghanistan

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with Pakistani delegation led by its army chief of staff Raheel Sharif at the Presidential Palace.
In the meeting, the Pakistani delegation while reiterating once again the country’s commitment related to maintaining peace in Afghanistan informed on Pakistan’s steps in this regard. 
Messages of the Pakistani delegation were positive and sign of their commitment. Results of such steps would be clarified in coming weeks. Afghanistan government hoped that Pakistan commitments and steps as well as bilateral cooperation would have positive result towards maintaining peace in both countries. According to another report, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, national security advisor met yesterday with Pakistani delegation led by Raheel Sharif at the President Palace. In the meeting, both sides discussed on expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries and expressed happiness over recent developments in this regard. Pakistani chief of army staff said that his country would provide cooperation with Afghanistan related to peace talks and make use of all means to reach this goal. In the meeting, both sides stressed that expansion of cooperation between both Muslim countries would result in maintaining peace and stability in the region. According to nother report, Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi, Afghanistan chief of army staff in a joint session held between high-ranking military officials of Afghanistan, Pakistan and NATO said Afghanistan and Pakistan have suffered serious harms from terrorism. Participants in the session discussed on key security issues, joint counter terrorism, effectiveness of coordination in operations in both sides of Durand Line and honestly cooperation between the two countries. Speaking in connection with good relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Afghanistan’s chief of army staff said the people of both countries were facing with common enemy, so honestly cooperation of the two countries related to counterterrorism could make friendly and brotherly relations closer as the two countries have suffered heavy harms in fighting terrorism. Following, Raheel Sharif, Pakistani chief of army staff said friendly and brotherly relations, joint counterterrorism and coordination in clearing operations in either side of Durand Line would guarantee lasting stability in the region.

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