Pakistan Nurturing Terrorists Against Afghanistan, India: US Congress

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Pakistan’s closed fist has now ultimately opened; revealing its new trickeries against some certain neighbors.
Former Pak President, Parwiz Musharaf acknowledged that his country’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) was behind the mishaps in Afghanistan through training, equipping and financing them for fueling a proxy war in the conflicted nation.
Before Musharaf’s confession, India announced that it would take an Issue to the United Nations in which Pakistan would be filled as the key terrorisms supporter; even the main hub of terrorist in the region. The decision was simultaneously welcomed by Russia and China expressing their support, just the proposal was taken to the UN. The decision of India and support announcement from the two powerful countries [Russia and China] forced Musharaf of confessing ISI’s involvement in training, equipping and sending terrorists to Afghanistan for keeping a proxy war continued. The US congress announcement on Pakistani terrorists’ support in an attempt to take ahead a proxy war in Afghanistan could have been originated from the fresh remarks of the Pakistani former president meaning that if the two powerful nations’ supported Indian resort to introduce Pakistan as the key terrorist supporter to the UN would make this fact clear that the US ever-continued cooperation with Pakistan was its hidden support to it.
Following Mushraf’s remarks, the US congress in a letter to the department of foreign asked for a change in the relation between US and Pakistan and demanded the outlay set aside for Pakistan to be suspended. Indeed Pakistani is now burning in the flame of war, it had torched for the Afghan people. This is a fact that the Pakistani government and the military had revised in their visions on Afghanistan, but the neighboring country is facing new ordeals—its tricks of supporting terrorism being revealed and suffering much from over $80billion of the loan it has to pay. The neighboring Pakistan is now deepened in the quagmire it had dug for the destitute Afghans. The recent exposure forced the Pakistani government to reopen a new chapter of economic bolstering with Afghanistan, instead of using it as proxy war hub against certain nations. The government of national unity should use Afghanistan as the key economic route and the main hub of link between southern and central Asian nations, in order to help the economic tattered nation move above poverty line and step forward to the country’s reconstruction. In order to reach the goal, there is a need for shaping honest and faithful cabinet to remain accountable for the government and the nation. No opportunists and corrupt individuals should be allowed in the country’s cabinet structure, as they had been witnessed looting the national properties and using the country’s wealth in the interest the aliens within the last system. F. Warasta Shabstiz

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