Pakistan Should Not Be the Only Crossroad to Provide Aid for Afghans

KABUL (BNA) The recent natural disasters in Pakistan should not disrupt the mission of providing aid to Afghanistan, there are many alternative ways by which the process of providing aid to the people of Afghanistan can be continued better than in the past.
BNA analyst: United Nations sources have warned that the recent floods in Pakistan have made it difficult to provide aid to Afghanistan.
Chris Kaye, one of the officials of the World Food Programme said, “At the moment, they are focusing on providing food to the needy in Pakistan, and they are not only worried about the lack of food in this country, but the flooding in Pakistan has a negative impact on providing aid in Afghanistan.” “Floods have destroyed many roads in Pakistan, while a large part of these aid first reaches the port of Karachi and then is transferred to Afghanistan.”
This statement is being made while we have witnessed several natural disasters in different parts of Afghanistan in the last few months which have caused destruction, human casualties and huge financial losses. In addition to that, poverty and deprivation are also affecting the people of Afghanistan and this shows that that the problems of the people of Afghanistan are not one or two, and it is unfair that these people are caught with a multitude of unseen problems and that foreign aid workers focus on other areas.
The pain and suffering that the people of Pakistan have suffered from the recent floods is understandable, and the people of Afghanistan are familiar with the pain that the people of Pakistan are going through, but the problems in Afghanistan are more complicated than any other country and any other geography.
The people of Afghanistan are very much in favor of supporting the people of Pakistan in such difficult days, but the problem in that country should not be used as an excuse to reduce or disrupt the process of providing aid to people who are far more deserving of receiving external aid.
The United Nations has repeatedly stated that the health situation in Afghanistan is one of the worst in the world. The rate of death and disease is at a very high level. The process of migration from Afghanistan, which has mostly economic reasons, is still accelerating, past wars and natural disasters have displaced a large number of people, Afghanistan has the largest number of internally displaced people compared to others, drought, reduction of aid the outside has made the Afghan economy extremely weak, there is a shortage of food and the vulnerable population is increasing drastically.
The United Nations itself has defined Afghanistan many times and has called the international community to help the Afghan people and has hosted major international meetings in this regard. In such a situation, how can Afghanistan and its people be Ignored?
Officials in the United Nations should know that Pakistan is not the only crossroad to Afghanistan, there are many ways to enter Afghanistan, the first and shortest way to enter Afghanistan is Iran’s Chabahar port, Central Asian countries are also there, are the entrance to Afghanistan and there are other options, it is enough that the commitment to help the people of Afghanistan is sustainable and broad.


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