Parwan Influential Society Figures Declare Their Support From IEA

Parwan Influential Society Figures Declare Their Support From IEA

CHARIKAR (BNA) Hundreds Influential figures from Shinwari, Siah Gard and Salang districts met with the governor of Parwan to express their support from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The meeting, which took place at the Parwan office, has attended by Mufti Mohammad Idris, deputy governor, district governors of Salang, Shinwari and Siah Gard districts, as well as a large number of elders from the mentioned districts.
while praising the comprehensive efforts of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for the rule of the Islamic system in the country, expressed their support for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
They considered the Islamic system as a vital approach for the country and the people of Afghanistan, and asked the governor to pay attention to the problems facing the people and seek their advice and suggestions on good governance and strengthening the foundations of the system.
Parwan Governor Obaidullah Aminzadeh thanked the people for their support and said that the people’s participation and sharing of their views in government decisions is effective and assured of improving services and ensuring the security of the people.
The governor of Parwan called the Islamic system a common achievement of all cafes of the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and added that all citizens in this system have equal rights and there is no prejudice.

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