Practical Step has been Taken to start TAPI Project

KABUL (BNA) In a meeting Mohammad Murad Imanov Director of TAPI Project and Director of Revenue Legal Services Nada and Afghan authorities discussed finalizing TAPI project Implmentation.

At the beginning of the meeting, the director of TAPI project presented his comprehensive report on the project and added that the initial technical work of the project has been completed and we expect that the practical work will start soon and its work will be completed.

We request the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance for its completion, He added.

The Afghan delegation assured the officials from the Ministry of Finance of their full cooperation and appointed a professional working committee to expedite and develop the project.

TAPI is a major economic project for the transportation of natural gas through a pipeline between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, which extends from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India.


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