President Ghani Grants State Medal To Family Of Martyred Hafizullah Pasoon

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Kabul (BNA) For praising the bravery and expressing sadness and condolence to family of martyred Hafizullah Pasoon Barikzai, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has granted state medal of bravery to family of martyred Pasoon.
Hafizullah Pasoon has been martyred at the house of representative of people in parliament Malam Mir Wali.
In a ceremony held on this occasion at presidential palace with participation of elders of Uruzgan, Helmand and Kandahar, martyred Pasoon’s father Obaidullah Barakzai first read out biography of his son.
Afterwards, President Ghani once again offered condolence and sympathy to the family of martyred Pasoon, elders of Uruzgan and Kandahar and praised their patience for martyrdom of Pasoon. The country’s President said that every day Afghanistan youth were sacrifying as martyred Pasoon and a number of our families got sorrow due to imposed war in the country, adding that all our mourns, life, honors, values and future were one and common

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