President Karzai Praises Security Forces Foiling Taliban Attacks

Monday, July 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the meeting of National Security Council (NSC) discussing different issues pertaining security in the country, his office said.
At the meeting held at the presidential palace, the president once again emphasized on effective security of sacred shrines throughout the country during the Ramadan and Eid days and instructed the acting Minister of Interior Affairs and the National Security Directorate to assure him about their adopted measures in this respect.
President Karzai praised the bravery of the security forces of Afghanistan stationed in Kunar province in foiling the recent invasion of the Taliban including the foreign terrorists especially the Punjabis and Arab terrorists and emphasized that all the commanders of the security units are assigned to defend security and to preserve the lives of the soldiers and their efforts under their command.
In another part of the meeting, the security situation in Nooristan province in presence of the governor of that province and Hafiz Abdul Qayum, Senator of that province and Mawlawi Mohammad Sadeq, a tribal influential of Kamdish district were discussed, and decided that Afghan security forces to prepare a plan for reopening the  road to  Nooristan and inform the NEC about the results in its upcoming meeting.
Meanwhile, the administrative affairs department and the secretariat of the Council of Ministers were assigned to take up the development projects of Nooristan at the coming meeting of the Council of Ministers and the president issued instructions about coordinated efforts of the governor, the provincial council,
the senators and the elected MPs of Nooristan. The Minister of National Defense presented a report about the security status in Azra and Hesarak districts and the status of mopping up operation in those regions and
expressed satisfaction over the existing coordination among the security forces and civilian foundations and the cooperation of the people.
It was stressed at the NSC that despite the publicity of theTaliban pertaining to its intensified summer operations, the Afghan security forces are defending the people and the territorial integrity of the country with required bravery and once again they proved that they are prepared for defending the people and the country.
Meanwhile, General Abdul Basir Salangi, Parwan Governor presented a report about the security situation in that province and submitted specific proposals for implementing them in the related areas.
Minister of Finance informed the NSC about the existence of smuggling routes on the borders of the country.
The president instructed the Minister of Interior affairs to assess the issue and with the cooperation of Finance Ministry try to stop smuggling commercial gods through illegal border routes and inform the NSC about its performances in this respect.
At the end the Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the proposal of Turkmenistan on creation of joint security commission for ensuring security on the common border areas between the two nations that was confirmed by the NSC accordingly.

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