President Karzai To Media: Play Responsible Role In Presidential Run-off

Wednesday, June 04, 2014 Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in meeting with officials of government and private media outlets of the country yesterday stated that the responsibility of media outlets is safeguarding national unity and national interests particularly during the presidential second round. According to presidential press office to BNA, the meeting held at the presidential palace, the president said: “Holding successful run-off is our prime objective, because holding successful elections if the success of all of us.” Afghans in the first round of presidential polls had casted their votes to their favorite candidates irrespective of religion or ethnic relations, he said. Emphasizing for avoiding using abusive words which harms the election environment, the president said that media outlets to do their best that the runoff between two candidates should be held in cordial environment. The president pointed out, “Any candidate elected by the people of Afghanistan, is the victory of Afghanistan nation and it is our responsibility to support him.” “I am sure that the next government will be a national government and I have no doubt that Afghanistan is moving towards better future,” the president said in his speech. Speaking in the meeting, the media officials appreciated the patience and the support of president to freedom of speech and media development over the past 12 years and described it as a big achievement of Afghanistan. Thanking the president for pardoning media cases with judiciary, saying the support of president to press freedom is lasting and appreciable. In his remarks, the president said that both the leading candidates give value to press freedom and support it. Speaking in the meeting, the chairman of Journalists Association, Abdul Hamid Mubariz said that struggles had been made for press freedom over the past 84 years but press freedom during President Karzai’s rule is distinguished. Mubariz also said that Afghanistan fortunately has no political prisoner in the field of journalism, adding the situation of press freedom in Afghanistan is better than in the neighboring countries. He also called upon media outlets to defend and safeguard the press freedom in the country. In his speech Dr. Mohammad Hashim Asmat Ilahi praised the president for successful managing and overcoming the crisis for stabilizing peace and security in the country. Replaying a question on his power and weakness points over the past 12 years, President Karzai said, “My biggest victory was that Afghanistan has become the common home of all Afghans. Paying attention to education and providing scholarships to Afghan youths is also one of my big achievements.” “Another big achievement is the restoration of Afghanistan honor and prestige in the comity of nations,” president Karzai said, adding in all international conference Afghanistan is present and its flag is fluttering across the world. Counting his government’s failure, the president said that, “inability in implementing the law, because we don’t have the facilities to put into place the law and the second reason for failure to implement the law was shortage of professional cadres to apply the law.” President Karzai also stated that insecurity and in the country was a challenge and also said that the presence of foreign forces was another reason in failing to implement the law in the country.

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