President Karzai’s radio address to nation

Kabul (BNA) dear countrymen, sister and brothers,

Assalm alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakathu,

We want to thank Allah Almighty that by expansion of health care throughout the country during the recent ten years, considerable reduction has come in mortality of mothers and children and we attained achievements in implementing vaccines to children under five years.

Dear countrymen,

All the children under five are afflicted with child-borne diseases and in case we pay attention to the children up to their five years of age and protect them against diseases during these years and apply timely vaccines, they will be protected against diseases as every child disease has its vaccines and non-attention to this the children will suffer from polio and this disease will cripple them.  Sisters and brothers,

In recent years as a result of applying of various vaccines of child diseases especially that of polio throughout the country we have reached close to its full eradication.  The activity of Afghanistan in this respect was praised by the WHO.  During last year there were only 25 polio cases throughout the country, however, now 80 cases of polio were recorded this year in 18 provinces.

Dear parents,

80 children who has been affected by this disease may not been vaccinated and may be the parents did not applied the vaccine to their child and or may be inaccessibility of the region might be the reason for this problem.  I am hopeful that no child is afflicted by this disease in the country.  In order to prevent this disease I ask mothers and fathers of the children that they apply the vaccines especially the polio vaccine on time and in case they cannot apply the vaccine due to some reasons they should refer to the clinics on other days.  If inattention is made in this respect, its result is paralyzed children.

Dear countrymen,

I ask all the armed opposition who prevent applying of vaccines or other vaccines of under five years of children and they do not allow the health workers to crry on the vaccines to villages, once again request them they should not prevent this but cooperate for the better future of children in the country.  I also ask the religious ulema, preachers of mosques and elders and influential of the villages of the country that they should prepare the ground for the health workers in the remote parts of the country and this way ensure a better health for the children.

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