Prime Minister Message On the occasion of 15 August

KABUL (BNA) Today, Monday, August 15 is marked the day of the victory of Kabul by the conquering forces of the Islamic Emirate, on this occasion, I congratulate all our proud and Mujahid nation.

15 August day marked the beginning of the victory of truth over falsehood and the liberation of the country from the invaders and their allies during the celebration of this day, I would like to draw your attention to the following points, said IEA Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund in his speech.

The whole nation should appreciate and be thankful for this great victory that freed our country from occupation, war, and disaster, and should cooperate, sincerely and pray for the stability and survival of the Islamic system.

All Mujahideen and forces of the Islamic Emirate should have more patience, perseverance, and courage and try harder to maintain the country’s security.

All the officials of the Islamic Emirate should pay more attention to sincerity, good intentions, and caution in their responsibilities, carry out their work as entrusted to them, and serve their people more.

The world should strengthen its relations with the Islamic Emirate, we are not a threat to any country, other countries should have a positive political and commercial interaction with Afghanistan and help the Islamic Emirate for the stability of Afghanistan and the region.


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