Prominent Afghan Folklore Singer Honored With Music Master

Monday, July 03, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A prominent folklore singer of up to forty years art, Wahid Qaemi was honored with music master during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Information and Culture, BNA reported Sunday.
The agency said Qasemi received the title for his hard work and endeavors in the field of retrieving the country’s folklore music during 40 years of his age as Afghan singer, as toured to many provinces of the country to identify local artists and record their music.
According to the agency, Qasemi had also organized folklore music festivals in the north and central regions of the country and in the recent years, he could successfully train the youth participating the Afghan Star program annually launched by the popular Tolo TV in Afghanistan.
Ustad Qasemi formed his first music group (Shaheen) in cooperation with Abdullah Qasemi, Qasem Qasemi and Turyalai Nawa in Kabul in 1987 (1356) Persian calendar), but fled increasing war and sought asylum in Canada.
He returned home in the recent years and started strengthening Afghan original music through his tour around the country, the agency said.

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