Promotion of Afghan Women Depends On Their Education, President Karzai

Sunday, March 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA) In a ceremony of marking March 8th the International Day of Women, president Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan has only one way and that is going to progress and development. 
According to presidential press office to BNA, at this ceremony that was held yesterday morning at the Hall of Amani High School under the title of “Equality for Women, progress for all, the president laid emphasize that we are hurrying to go towards development and progress, we want to lay down firm steps and should be at the same level with the world. This goal wants us further work and effort.
The president emphatically said that to reach this progress, you should learn and be educated. There is no other way to reach to this goal. The fundamental progress of Afghan women is hidden in their education.
Commemorating from the demand of dignitaries of the country in respect to improvement of women situation, the president suggested that the reason behind the achievements of women in the fields of education and health and their active presence in various aspects of the society is their demand and always encouraged it.
Hinting to the scholarships given to our youths especially to the girls in and in abroad, the president said that this process of development of women of Afghanistan is the steps taken forward and certainly the upcoming government of Afghanistan also to lay better and more firm steps in this connection.
President Karzai thanked international community for its real contribution to Afghanistan and added that the achievements of Afghanistan are the achievements of its people especially women.
Pointing to existence of violence against women in our country, president Karzai asserted that we want violence against women completely be annihilated in Afghanistan and the Afghan men should further contribute in this regard. Violence against women doesn’t display the strength of men, but it is the indicator of their weakness. Addressing to religious scholars and dignitaries of the country, the president said that in mosques and ceremonies, they should encourage people seriously to respect women and pay homage to them. Our traditional society has this peculiarity, but this should further be strengthened. Lying emphasize to this point that the election to be held in a good manner, he stated that through elections, our country gets strength and go ahead towards development. The president resolved important the role of women in upcoming election and asked the latters to attend vastly in election process. At the end, president Karzai suggested that we celebrate our victory, improve our shortages and remove our problems.

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