Qatar’s Al-Gharrafah Foundation to Complete Its Unfinished Projects In Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Acting Urban Development and Land Minister Mawlavi Hamdullah Nomani during a meeting with officials of Qatar’s Al-Gharrafah Foundation discussed foreign investments in Afghanistan and investment in the housing sector of the country.

During the meeting, Mawlavi Hamdullah Nomani said that the Ministry of Urban Development and Land has provided a good environment for domestic and foreign investments in the country, particularly in areas of building townships, houses, and other fields based on the ministry’s master plan.

He asked Al-Gharrafah Foundation to complete its unfinished projects (Qatari Projects) in Kabul.

Shahid Jawad, head of Al-Gharrafah Foundation, expressed his satisfaction with investment opportunities in Afghanistan facilitated by Islamic Emirate and assured to complete the foundation’s incomplete projects in Kabul.

He called for solutions to problems in Qatari Projects and said that they would resume work on projects which are left incomplete after the problems were addressed.

However, no details about the problems in these projects have been explained.

Officials of the Qatari foundation during the meeting said that they would receive more proposals from the Ministry of Urban Development and Land after idle projects were inaugurated and would invest in commerce in Afghanistan besides keeping its charitable activities.

Mawlavi Hamdullah Nomani said that the Ministry of Urban Development and Land is ready to offer investment proposals to various foreign investors in Afghanistan and facilitate them with needed services.

He said that the ministry is committed to completing projects that remained unfinished in the former administration.


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