Rabbani Meets Norwegian Ambassador To Kabul

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Salahuddin’ Rabbani met with the Ambassador of Kingdom of Norway Erling Skjonsberg the other day the ministry said.
Rabbani appreciate the support of Kingdom of Norway in the areas of reforms, good governance and implementation of development and humanitarian projects in Afghanistan and said:” Our good relation with the Kingdom of Norway goes a long way and is historical and the presence of the government and the people of Kingdom of Norway next to the government and the Afghan people in the last thirteen years is a sign of friendship between the two countries.”
Rabbani while emphasizing on the role of the kingdom of Norway’s assistance for Afghanistan said that: “The Scandinavian countries, especially the Kingdom of Norway has always stood beside the government and the people of Afghanistan, which will never be forgotten by the Afghan people.”
Rabbani mentioned the trip of civil and military authorities of Pakistan to Afghanistan said that the NUG is honestly trying to reach peace and stability with Pakistan and has taken feasible steps towards this purpose. We hope to witness actual and feasible measures from Pakistan in strengthening peace and stability in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region.
Skjonsberg mentioned the good relation between Afghanistan and his country said: “Afghanistan has a special place in the place in the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Norway and we are ready to support the National Unity Government in the economic, security, combating corruption, good governance areas as well as in strengthening peace and stability.” The talks went on about strengthening peace and stability, and also following up the issues that were discussed during the symposium in Norway under the title of ‘Empowerment of Afghan Women’ in November 2014.
At the end Mr. Erling Skjonsberg stated that Norway is a good friend of Afghanistan and will remain a committed partner in the future. According to another report, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Afghanistan Jean Nicolas Marti called on foreign minister Salahudin Rabbani here in his office the other day.
In the meeting, the ICRC Chief besides congratulating foreign minister over assuming office, also briefed him about ICRC programs in Afghanistan including protecting civilians, prisoners’ rights, activities in health sector, cooperation with emergency sector of hospitals, shifting war victims to hospitals and cooperation with Afghan Red Crescent Society, saying ICRC would continue its programs in Afghanistan. Expressing gratitude over ICRC cooperation in Afghanistan, the foreign minister promised to cooperate with ICRC in implementing its programs in the country.

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