Railway Transportations Upsurge Again in the Last Week: ARA

KABUL (BNA) The Afghan Railway Authority says that in the last week 136,211 tons transfers have been made through the Afghanistan Railway.
In a statement, today, Saturday ARA office said that among them, 105,615 tons were delivered through the Haritaran railway line, 4,670 tons through the Aqhina, and 25,926 tons through the Torghandi, which is a total of 136,211 tons, including oil, non-oil, and other materials, have been imported into the country.

In the same time, 3116 tons of transportation were exported through the Afghan Railway Authorities to other countries.

The Afghan Railway Authority says that the department striving to provide better situations for transfers and better facilities for traders.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Afghan Railway Authority announced a 22% present increase in transportation, and through the Afghan Railway Authorities collected over 1.4 billion Afghani in revenue, which transferred to government account.


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