Regional Countries Should Follow Uzbekistan & Afghanistan Policy To Overcome On Region Problems: Commentary

Saturday January 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are committed to expand their relations in various aspects and specially establishing a regional association for settling the current problems of the region.
BNA political and social analyst commenting on the issue writes Kabul was recently the host of Abdul Aziz Kamilov the foreign minister of Uzbekistan. The visit of this Uzbek high-ranking official has taken place in invitation of his Afghan counterpart Salahuddin Rabani. During the last 15 years, it was the first Uzbek high ranking official visit to Kabul that indicates Kabul and Tashkent are insisting on coordinated cooperation as they clearly stated such a view in their statements.  President Ghani during his visit Uzbekistan’s foreign minister made it clear, that they were resolved not only open chapter in relation between the two countries but also build a new concrete foundation in mutual relation. Because we enjoy the same regional interests, to meet this purpose we have established a common view and hope that the measures be the basic roadmap for meeting our regional objectives.
These statements express in a time, the region suffering a grave crisis, this extremism is wide spreading and terrorism is severely strangulated the people of the region. However, the countries of the region and the world have no a specific definition from terrorism and each country defines it according to it benefits, programs and policies. Regretfully some countries, consciously support extremist and terrorist groups that would disastrous not only to the region but to the entire world. If we precisely look at the current situation of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, both countries are suffering from the threats imposed by extremism and terrorism, fortunately, the two countries understanding the real threats of those notorious phenomenon, are resolve to fight and end them forever.  As President Ghani has said to Uzbek foreign minister, “We are fighting terrorist groups in Afghanistan who are fighting against your interests in the region, and our policy supports the national interests of the countries of the region.”
The statements indicate that Afghanistan respects the national interests of other countries of the region and strongly believes having such humane view by the other countries of the region leads to the stability of the tranquility of the region and finally eradication of poverty. Afghan political experts believe the new developments in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan relations should followed as an example by the other countries of the region, which are fighting terrorism and extremism, and for regional property and economic development of the region.
These two countries, concluding five agreements on counter narcotic struggle, cooperation between the foreign ministries  of the two countries, increasing cooperation in transportation sector and other projects and establishing a joint security commission and drawing a roadmap for implementing those great objective in practice. There are great opportunities and capacities in economic, commercial, transit and cultural sectors that encourage the two countries to further develop relations and the two countries are committed adopting effective measures reduce the current regional problems and lead the region to peace and prosperity. The countries of the region should know that joining in a regional association could fight effectively the problems that threat the region, otherwise fighting terrorism and extremism would face serious difficulties. It would be better the countries of the region as if Afghanistan and Uzbekistan join the regional cooperation and coordination association and not let the situation to worsen anymore. 

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