Relevant Govt Organs Starts Beggars Collection in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) On Saturday a number of relevant government organs started collecting beggars from the capital Kabul.

Under the decree of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Ministries of Interior and Labor and Social Affairs and the Afghan red crescent started the collections of beggars from the capital Kabul.

During an opening ceremony of the collection of beggars, Mullah Nooruddin Torabi, the deputy of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, said according to the procedure approved by the cabinet, all beggars will be collected by the departments, and after identifying the deserving persons, the non-professional beggars are given monthly expenses.

He said that their collection continues and this process is supposed to start in the big provinces as well.

Lately, the number of beggars in Kabul and in some provinces had increased, and the leadership ordered to collect all the beggars from the roads.


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