Religious Madrasas Should Be Coordinated by Ulamas, President Ghani

Sunday September 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered speech in a meeting held at Chahar Chenar Palace to assess and review current problems of religious Ulamas and madrasas and ways for solution of the problems. Representing others in the meeting, Mawlavi Farmanullah Niazi praised the country’s President for his efforts and achievements in various sections in the past five years, adding that Ulamas have given lots of sacrifices for tranquility, reconstruction and development of the country; therefore, further attention should be paid to addressing their problems. Afterwards, Mawlavi Rahmatullah Andar, head of religious affairs by pointing that obstacles have been created towards higher education, work and promotion of Ulamas, saying that an Ulama board should be created to address Ulamas’ documents, assess unregistered religious madrasas and create a particulare curriculum for madrasas.
After hearing demands and suggestions of Ulamas, the country President said: “Ulamas have particular position and role in our society; therefore, their problems will be certainly addressed.” President Ghani said that distance between palace and mosque has reduced in the past five years, adding that efforts were underway to end the distance. Considering the suggestion for creating an Ulama board and committee in connection with safety and Ulamas’ documents as rational, the country’s President assured of taking steps in this regard, adding that hundreds of mosques have been newly constructed in various parts of the country. He further said that 30 million Afghani have been allocated to build a big mosque in each province. President Ghani asserted that Afghan religious Ualamas have played vital role in each period of the history, adding that the future of religious madrasas should be coordinated by Ulamas and with their visions.

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