Repairing and Rebuilding Work of Salangs is Sixty Percent Complete

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Public Works started repairing and rebuilding a four-kilometer road, which includes a paving inside the Salang tunnel.

Abdullah Obaid, in charge of monitoring, security and completing the Salangs, told BNA, previously, the repair and reconstruction of 35 kilometers of roads, including the Salang tunnel, at a cost of 53 million Afghanis, had started from the development budget of the Ministry of Public Works. It will be completed in another month.

He added that previously all Salang machinery vehicles were inactive and with the victory of the Islamic Emirate, they were able to repair all machinery vehicles as well.

The in charge of monitoring and completing the Salangs, in addition to visiting the progress of the process of repairing the Salangs, instructed the officials of the road construction companies about the quality and speed of work.


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