Robbery in Paktia, 3 Women Arrested On-charge

GARDEEZ (BNA) Paktia province downtown was a witness to an unprecedented robbery on Friday, reported local police sources.

In daylight, a gang of four, A man and three women tried to anesthetic spray the women of a house and rob them but failed to escape in Kotal Teera, police ultimately arrested them.

According to the reports in the beginning 3 women entered the house in the face of Beggars, after that, they use the anesthetizing spray, they started robbing a house with the help of a man.

The robbers steal from the house 140,000 Pakistani currency and many other precious properties said the police source of Paktia to Bakhtar News Agency.

The Detainees confessed to several crimes during the first police inspections, adds the source report.


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