Roof Collapse Took 6 Lives in Badakhshan

BADAKHSAHN (BNA) Local officials of Badakhshan says that 6 members of a family lost their lives and two others were injured in the collapse of house’s roof in Zenif village of Maimay district of the province on Tuesday.

The provincial head of Information and Culture of Badakhshan, Moazuddin Ahmadi, informed BNA saying that for the cause non-stop rainfall in the last two days, a residential house collapsed in Zenif village of Maimay district, which resulted killing 6 members of a family and injuring two others.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan Natural Disaster Management head says that among the martyrs there are two young women, two children and a newborn baby of 18 months, he said that the two injured is old men which transported to the hospital.


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