Runoff Should Be Void of Any Fraud, Violations

Saturday May 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) This time, the Independent Elections Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) would not permit government authorities to meddle in the election process.
IEC deputy says that this institution is determined for the second time, to offer the names of those government authorities to presidential office who interfere in the second round of elections. He added that if this has borne no result, the IEC should publish the names of those individuals through media. The investigating commission of electoral complaints warns not to meddle in the elections. With the presence of representatives of civil society, a meeting was held to make aware people about election.
This meeting was held by IEC. The IEC deputy warned all government authorities that if they meddle in runoff process, this commission would publish their names through media. According to him, although the president assured this commission to prevent such meddling, but, this institution makes efforts to create a new roadmap for prevention of government authorities’ meddling in election process. Deputy of IEC, Abdurrahman Hotak said that the government in charges should not meddle in election process. We jointly propose to the president and we are assured the president to be decisive in the connection. The commission for investigating electoral complaints also say that this time, this commission would behave with those government authorities according to the law.
The spokesman of commission for investigation of electoral complaints, Nader Mohseni said that our recommendation to all government authorities in the capital and provinces is this that they should not organize the electoral activities in the benefit of certain candidate. If the government possibilities be used by any one in any title, we would behave with them according to the law. The meddling of government authorities in election process is criticized time and again. It is said that the government authorities including Ministers, Head of department and governors had interfered in election process. But, the question is this that why the government didn’t made decision in this respect so far and which guarantee is existed for not meddling of government authorities in runoff.
At the same time, the presidential nominees in second round of election to set forth their requirements seriously. Both nominees have similar goals, the transparency in the election. They offer their certain proposals to IEC as follow. The runner of presidential election, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai wants the commission further effectiveness. He said that the IEC confessed that a number of its employees violated the laws and regulations or their hands were involved in fraud. So, we are willing the commission to have its own effectiveness and according to experiences gained during first round, serious measures should be adopted.
Deputy of another presidential candidate, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah wants the electoral commission should be amended. He added that the destiny of election should be determined by people’s votes not meddling of election commission and its employees and other interferes. In connection with proposals of candidates, Dr. Ahmad Yousuf Nooristani said that their proposals were in regard with transparency and shortage of ballots, proclamation of results and maintenance security. We discussed about the areas the election was not held. They had also some criticisms about employees of the commission. They didn’t perform their works correctly, said Nooristani. He added that we learnt from first round of election. This round had electoral frauds. Now, we mean the second round be far from electoral fraud.

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