Russia And US Speed Up Their Competitions In Afghanistan

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Russia will host an international session on Afghanistan in April 2017.
BNA correspondent regarding the issue reports Russia is seeking to revive its regional role especially on Afghanistan’s developments. Russia considers Afghanistan as an outlet of Islamist extremists influence to Central Asia and believes dissimilation of extremism to those countries is a part of US and western countries intelligences programs. Apparently, Russia has focused its intention in to political solution for Afghan problem. For this purpose, so far has hold three sessions, two of them held with participation of China and Pakistan that faced to serious reaction of Afghanistan and India.
Learning from the past, the third session held, while the delegates of Afghanistan, India, and Iran were also attended. The third session held with participation of middle rank diplomats, now Russian trying to hold such session with participation higher rank diplomats. At the session planned to be hold in April, probably delegates from 12 countries including Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asian Countries, India, and Afghanistan will attend. US that have the pivotal role in Afghanistan crisis also invited to participate in the session, but American authorities have said that they would not attend the session. The Russians’ diplomatic efforts have increased in a time, a number of Afghan and American authorities expressing concern; accuse Russia for having close cooperation with Taliban. They insist this cooperation can encourage Taliban for fighting instead of peace.
However, Russian authorities considering the concern baseless, claim that the aim of their contact with Taliban is to draw them to negotiation table. Nevertheless, the statements could not lead to the trust of Washington and Kabul. Because, the Afghan and American authorities believe any peace process should be carried out under Afghanistan’s close observation, within the framework of Afghan constitution, while Taliban have taken arm against Afghan state insist on continuation of disastrous war consider as jihad. This terrorist group has also said that if they were inviting to participate in Moscow’s planned session they would sent a delegation from their political office in Qatar while Afghan state is against it.
According to a number of Afghan politicians, Russia considers America incapable in settling Afghan crisis. The Russians insist that the continuation of insecurity in Afghanistan badly affect Central Asian countries and Russia, therefore it would be the right of Russia to try for improving situation in Afghanistan, while US is not interested in Russia’s intervention in  peace and war affairs of Afghanistan. The politicians believe, the different stand of two superpowers on Afghan issue has no any use, but escalate the crisis in the country. Meanwhile, since the April session in Moscow like the three previous sessions has no any benefit to Afghanistan, while Russian, China, and Pakistan want to use it for achieving their goals in the region. The diplomats believe, the problem of Afghanistan emanates from the differences of US and Russia on Afghan issue. Russia considering Taliban as a legal side in war in Afghanistan insists their opinions should heard, while other countries consider Taliban as a terrorist group that don not observe Afghan constitution, insist on prolongation of war commit the most horrible terrorist activities.
Afghan politicians and security affairs expert believe Russia and US competing for their own interests have change Afghanistan in to a battle field of their proxy war. In fact, the two countries have no any intention for restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan and consider their benefit in prolongation of crisis and insecurity in Afghanistan. Such stands by the two superpowers provide the ground for the intervention of others in domestic affairs of this war torn country. 
While American and Russia have conducted a proxy war in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran are also involve in conflict for their own interests and Pakistan wants to achieve its objectives in the region. These politicians accuse the intelligence and diplomatic organs of the country to weakness that could not succeeded to rid the country from this horrible situation and end foreign interventions. This situation asks Afghan diplomatic organs adopting a firm and active stance, prove that is a center for regional cooperation and coordination, not a place for conducting proxy wars and demonstrating power.  

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