Russia Supports Release of Afghan Assets by US

KABUL (BNA) Russian special representative for Afghanistan said on Thursday that Afghan financial assets should be unfrozen as its stability was in the interest of all its neighbors.

Zamir Kabulov, the special representative of the Russian president for Afghanistan, said during the Tashkent conference that his country supports the request of the Islamic Emirate to return the assets of Afghanistan that have been frozen by the US. He called it robbery.”

Kabulov, who attend the Tashkent international conference on Afghanistan said: “Russia wholeheartedly agrees with the desire of Amir Khan Muttaqi the minister of foreign affairs of the interim government of the Islamic Emirate, who demanded the unconditional return ” Russia support the release of blocked assets by the US,”.

Lately, Russian president Putin said Afghanistan should receive economic support and get its financial assets unfrozen as its stability was in the interest of all its neighbors, adding that the US should release the country’s monetary.

After the political change in the country and the withdrawal of the US forces, more than 9 billion dollars of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves have been seized by the US in foreign banks.

China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and a number of other countries and international institutions have made similar requests from the US on releasing Afghan Monetary.


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