Sacking 16 So-Called Governors of Taliban Demonstrate Their Inner Differences: Commentary

Monday January 30, 2017

Kabul (BNA) There are signs that prove the deepening differences among the leaders and commanders of Taliban and each section is seeking physically eliminate the others.
BNA military analyst affairs commenting on the issue writes recently Mullah Hibatullah the leader of Taliban has sacked 16 so-called governors of the group. The move indicates that differences are daily increasing among them. Inner differences among this terrorist and extremist group started with disappearing of Mullah Omer the then leader of the group and the announcement of his death and continued with assassination of Mullah Akhter Mansoor and assignment of Mullah Hibutullal as new leader of the group. Currently there are several sections of Taliban, a section is leading by Dadullah a powerful pro Mullah Akhter section, but not biblically appears. The other section is leading by Mullah Rasool Akhanzada, while the other section manages and rule by Mullah Hibatullah. These groups accuse each other to cooperation with foreign intelligence services.
Security affairs’ experts strongly believe that Taliban have currently lost their unity and authority and this has caused further interferences of foreign intelligences especially, Pakistani intelligence and these foreign intelligences have increase the power and influence of Haqan’s network among Taliban. The experts have also said that the differences among Taliban are not only for grasping the power, but ethnical differences among the group has reached to its climax. Wide spread of inner differences among Taliban, have provided the ground for further influence of ISI on this notorious group and increased the activities of IS for further weakening of Taliban and to start recruiting from the ranks and files of Taliban. The military experts and veterans warn that acceleration of inner differences among Taliban that divided Taliban in several groups or sections harms the peace process between Afghan government and Taliban on one hand and on the other hand provide the ground for stepping up the war in the country. Because, different sections for exercising more power will increase their activities directly and indirectly encouraged by regional intelligence services for launching more destructive wars in our country. However, there are certain circles and figures among Taliban, who think for ensuring peace, but cannot demonstrate their will publically.
Taliban should know about this fact that ISI is using the old policy of divide and rule against them. The differences among them can provide the ground for Pakistan intelligence service to implement its new programs in the region and also provides the opportunity for IS to gain more power and ISI would be the main decision maker in Taliban’s affairs, while the key loser of the games will be the pro-peace and stability in Afghanistan figures. Therefore, it is the time for Taliban thinking on national and Islamic interests, should not be used as a means for achieving the foreign goals and damaging their own country.  

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