Sadat Welcomes Afghan Returnees In Pul-E-Charkhi

Monday, October 10, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting and Deputy Youth Affairs of Ministry of Information and Culture welcomed, with floral wreath a group of the Afghans refugees returning from Pakistan, the Bakhtar News Agency said the other day.
According to the agency, Dr. Sadat asked those Afghans still languishing refuge inside the neighboring countries not to be deceived by others and return home.
“The Afghans shouldn’t be deceived by others to pour their money into their pockets, but should stay home to take part in reconstruction of their country,” the acting minister advised. He vowed to provide full cooperation with those returnees in the field of education and health services, the agency added. Head of refugees’ affairs of Kabul thanked Dr. Kamal Sadat of his effort to do for the Afghan returnees noted that his office would do anything possible for the returnees, the agency added.

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