Senate Discusses Draft Law On Duties, Authorities of AG Office

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by its chairman Fazel Hadi Musimyar, the Senate discussed the draft law on duties and authorities of attorney general office up to its article 25 and adopted it.
Meanwhile the senate heard a report by its commissions covering 1391.  The report stated that from the first of Assad of 1391 till the 26th of Jaddi the senate held 52 general sessions and 505 commission meetings and 309 times the ministers and other government authorities were summoned to the sessions to present their activity reports. 
The senate during the period has adopted 19 laws and 21 international conventions and has issued 39 messages, declaration and resolutions and had 44 supervising trips by the commission members to the provinces.
The international affairs commission of the senate reported that it had 115 meetings and discussed issues of interest including the transit problem with the neighboring country of Iran and Pakistan, extradition of some prisoners from Iran and other countries, assessment of budget expenditure by the ministries and the municipalities, dispatching of messages to the countries having parliamentary relations. 
Issuance of declaration over human rights in Mianmar, Syria, Palestine, reaction against rocket attacks of Pakistan and adoption of the international agreements Afghanistan is affiliated with them, trips to the Herat province and visit to the US consulate,  supervision of Kabul international airport, and carrying of official visits to the US, Canada, Pakistan, China, Russia and etc. 
The commission also had been involved in creation of inter-parliamentary friendship committees with Russia, Pakistan, India, US and Saudi Arabia.

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