Senior Intelligence of National Security Directorate Department Killed

Friday May 30, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Mine blast killed senior intelligence of National Security Directorate (NSD) department and his bodyguard in Jawzjan province.
Col. Manzullah senior intelligence of (NSD) department of Aqcha district, while yesterday morning went to a military mission his car hit a mine in Saqzqoul village of the district, as a result of which he along with his bodyguard killed and four others soldiers wounded.
Abdulrahman Mahmodi deputy of Jawzjan governor told BNA, senior intelligence of (NSD) department of the province along with his bodyguard was killed and two National Security Directorate department personnel and two National police forces were wounded following the explosion.
Deputy Governor of the province claimed that armed oppositions are responsible of the incident and security forces have already started searching to identify and capture the suspects of the incident.
Meanwhile, doctors in a health center of the province called critical the health conditions of two injured.

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