Senior Security Leadership meeting Discusses future Security Plans, Problems of Afghan Refugees in Turkey

Saturday, February 08, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The National Security Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Hamdullah Mohib led the Senior Security Leadership Meeting on Thursday, a statement from the NSC office said.
The meeting discussed problems of the Afghan refugees in Turkey and the future security and operation plans of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, the statement added.
Deputies of the ministries of foreign affairs as well as the refugees and returnees briefed the meeting on problems of the Afghan refugees and detainees in Turkey and their dignified return to Afghanistan.
They said the Afghan refugees, asylum seekers and detainees have inappropriate living conditions in Turkey and must receive better judicial, educational and health services.
The meeting discussed inking of a joint statement and establishment of a joint judiciary commission with the republic of Turkey which will help the Afghan refugees and detainees and pave the road for joint and independent action against the human trafficking.
The meeting also discussed the future plans of ANDSF leading to full preparations and a crackdown on the enemies, according to the statement.

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