Session of Counter-Explosives Commission Held

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA) ISAF helps ANSF in detection of explosives reports BNA adding that the bilateral meeting of the Afghan government and ISAF was held in HQ ISAF in Kabul on coordination of campaign against explosives and roadside mines with the participation of relevant committees’ members.
At the outset, American general Patreik Higins provided information on experiences learnt from Iraq war particularly war against explosives, emphasizing an continuation of ISAF material and technical assistance on counter explosives and called important the need for providing information and increase of public awareness.
Providing information on carried out activities and programs of public awareness organ from the danger of explosives and roadside mines Deputy MoIC Semin Hassanzadah said, the public awareness body has published and organized awareness giving message on explosives, roadside mines, roundtables, articles through public media.
She added, public awareness has been included the education curriculum of secondary schools and efforts are underway to include it in primary school curriculum.
Talking on the training of mosques Mullah Imams, Hassanzadah said with the help of the ministry of Haj and Endowment and UN mine action coordination center, 1000 mosques’ Emams have received training and they will inform people through mosques’ on deployed explosives and ask them to contain ANP 119 or any CP.

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