Seven ANA’s Disabled Athletes Go To Canada

Sunday July 16, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Seven Afghan National Army’s disabled athletes will go Canada to participate in a series of competitions, Ministry of National Defense reported.
According to BNA report, Dawlat Waziri spokesman of Ministry of National Defense said, the soldiers lost their body members in war against terrorism and after that chose sport which not they are ready to participate in the tournament.
They are heroes, because not only they fight against terrorism, but also they fight in sport ground, Waziri added.
Among 70 athletes 7 of them have been selected in fields of Volleyball, Bulling and Iron men and they will participated in the competitions.
The competitions to be held from 11 Sep, 2017 until 4 Oct, 2017 with participation of dozens athletes from 17 countries.
Afghan National Army’s disabled athletes already were participated in a series of competitions in U.S.A and UK, which succeeded to obtain several medals.
Leadership of Ministry of National Defense to be built a center named re-ability in the area of 20 acres of land in the compound of the ministry for ANA’s disabled athletes, Waziri concluded.

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