Shaheen-E-Asmayee Team To Attend AFC-CUP 2017 In Tajikistan

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Trainer of Shaheen-e-Asmayee team Mujtaba Faiz and at the outset taking on the goal behind travel of the team to Tajikistan said “The main goal behind our travel to Tajikistan is to have access to Asian Club Championship or AFC-CUP 2017 and I hope Afghanistan would have good achievements.
He added “Since over one month, the team has started exercise in the field of Afghanistan football federation and at the moment it’s ready physically and psychologically for the championship. Our footballists would make sincere efforts to hoist Afghan flag in Asia and the world and improve Afghanistan relations with world. Faiz went on to say that participation of Afghanistan players from premier league have considerable affect and would improve the players capacities. The Asmayee team has 26 players and 18 plsyers would be chosen for the AFC CUP 2017 championship. Faiz said that these championships will be held in Dushanbeh the capital of Tajikistan and our team would make rivalry with Tajik team called Haselat which is assistant champion of Tajikistan primer league. Shaheen-e-Asmayee would play two games the first on 31.01.2017 at 14:30 PM in Kabul time and the second on 07.02.2017.
This is the first time that the team attends the Asian games and we hope this process would continue in Asian and world games and our players would gain great experiences.
Nesar Ahmad Askarzada

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