Shinwar Elders of Nangarhar Demanded Humanitarian Aid to Reach their Areas

KABUL (BNA) In a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan the elders and representatives of the Shinwar tribe of Nangarhar, demanded humanitarian aid to be delivered to their areas.

During a meeting, in Sepadar palace the elders of the Shinwar tribe reiterated their support for the Islamic Emirate, affirm that they are ready to cooperate to protect the system.
The Shinwar elders of Nangarhar demanded the conduction of basic projects in Nangarhar and the delivery of humanitarian aid to their areas, same like they shared some of their community problems with Deputy Prime Minister, according to a statement.

Kabir reminded that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is aware of all the problems of the people and will make further efforts to address the people’s problems through the relevant government organs.

Meanwhile, Deputy PM Kabir met with a number of teachers and scholars of Kabul heard their problems and suggestions.


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