Snowfall and Road Closure Create Big Problems in Delivering Aids in Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) UN co-ordination office says, Heavy snowfall and road closure create a big obstacle in delivering humanitarian aids to needy families around provincials of Afghanistan.

Snowfall create problem in most underdeveloped provinces in Afghanistan that have less of main road construction, in the past last three weeks at least 20 of province is covered by heavy snowfall.

The UN Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement that aid stuffs had been unable to deliver aid packages to needy families, due to heavy snowfall and closure of roads in a number of provinces.

The office cited Badakhshan, Bamyan, and Ghor as provinces with most of commuting roads closed due to heavy snowfall.

Meanwhile, rising unemployment, cut off global aid, freezing of Afghanistan’s funds by the world’s great powers and a break in banking system have exacerbated poverty.

Unemployment bear Poverty that Afghans are not unable to could buy foods and provides daily meals for their families.

According to World Food Organization (WFP) more than 60 percent of Afghanistan’s 36 million people do not have access to three meals a day and are suffering from starvation.

A.W Alamyar

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