So-Called Governor of Taliban Killed

Saturday May 31, 2014
Kunduz (BNA) So-called governor of Taliban for Kunduz province with his four men killed by security forces.
Mullah Asadullah Paikar late yesterday in his hideout wanted to organize a terrorist activity targeted by Afghan security forces and killed in Dasht Archi district.
A local official of Kunduz province told BNA correspondent, Mullah Asadullah so-called governor of Taliban militants for the province with his four men lost their lives.
Mullah Asadullah already was a notorious commander of insurgents and recently he has appointed as so-called governor of Taliban for Kunduz province.
He was involved in planting of bombs and mines, organizing of terrorist attacks and disturbing of people in different parts of the province. 
The operation launched by National police and National army forces to clear the district from existence of armed oppositions and provide a peaceful and confident atmosphere for holding of second round of presidential election in the district.

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