Strong Commitments, Sincere Measures Eliminate Corruption, Improves Good Governance

Sunday July 2, 2017

Kabul (BNA) If we precisely remember the commitments of the president during the early days of creation of NUG, that a good governance containing all essential specifications for welfare of people living conditions, would be a head.
Especially when talks were taking place on short term plans and measures on settle out of Kabul Bank scandal, prevention of additional food in Arg kitchen, prosecution of officials of MoUD, issuance  of firm instructions to a Attorney Generals , courts, police, promises on positive changes in people’s table cloth, had associated optimisms among people than the new administration.
Our peace thirsty people who were expecting changes in their socio, economic, political life, trusted the words and promises of the NUG leaders and rulers and pined hope to upcoming results. But after almost three years, there are deep gap between steps taken and commitments made as people expectations were not met. According to experts assessments and conclusions in socio, economic and political fields, people trust and support is essential for strengthening of good governance pillars. So in the first step importance and effects of social justice should not be underestimated because it would result serious dangers in social balance and justice.
Another vital issue is appointment of honest, qualified, committed individuals in senior positions of the government that would improve pillars of good governance. Tackling current security, economic, social problems are among extremely important and constructive issues, in government building process. Despite of involvement of Independent Commission of Administrative Reforms and Civil Services in recent years, practical meritocracy fading in majority of departments contrary to expectations and as a result of analysis of socio-economic, political experts, relations dominated regulations and meritorious and professional, honest and qualified individuals have not been picked up to key posts. This issue caused the NUG not to take effective steps for bringing of good governance, fighting corruption. While this issue was one of the pre-conditions of donors in international gatherings and conferences.  Achieving this dream depends upon sincere efforts of the NUG.

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