Tajikistan’s Concerns Baseless, Says Mujahid

KABUL (BNA) While officials of Tajikistan have expressed concern about the situation in Afghanistan and claim that this country has evolve a place of operations of the terrorist group, the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate has denied these statements.

Tajik Foreign Minister Sirajuddin Mehruddin said on Sunday at the United Nations General Assembly: “Afghanistan is quickly becoming a terrorist haven and a launching pad for the Taliban’s radical extremism in the region.”

In addition, we are witnessing a systematic work based on which, including the citizens of Central Asian countries, foreign fighters are transferred to northern Afghanistan, the purpose of which is to create a new platform for tensions near our borders.

In response to these words, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, has stated that Afghanistan’s soil has not been used against any other countries.

He said emphatically, “We deny that, no terrorist group will settle in Afghanistan or that Afghanistan’s soil will be used against anyone, we committed to this.

The concern of Tajikistan is baseless, they should think about this and share their concerns closely with us.” Mujahid said.

Earlier, Shahbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, also made similar statements at the United Nations General Assembly, which were rejected by the Islamic Emirate officials.

Political experts believes that a number of foreign politicians are making such noises to promote themselves.


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