Taking Out Of Money From Country Has Doubled

Sunday, March 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The governor of Da-Afghanistan Bank says that taking out of money from the country’s airports and ports has doubled causing grave concern of the Central Bank. 
According to the in charges the figure formerly was around USD 3 billion while now it has reached USD 4.6 billion. 
Delawari the Governor of the Da-Afghanistan Bank deserving the new measures of the Central Bank for preventing taking out of foreign currency from the country said that the bank had proposed to the Council of Ministers the issue of taking out of USD 20,000 or its equivalent from the country’s airports and ports. 
The proposal based on the resolution of the council of ministers endorsed that only one person can carry USD 20,000 abroad. 
In case they want to carry more than that they can do so through the central bank of the private commercial banks of the country.

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