Taliban Bombing Leaves 8 People Dead In Urozgan

Saturday August 22, 2015

Trainkot (BNA) At least 8 people including six policemen were martyred due to bomb explosion in Urozgan province.
The bomb placed in a house belongs to Mullah Samad local police commander in Khas-e-Urozgan district of the province and exploded while returning of him from his duty.
General Toryali Abdyani in-charge of police in Urozgan province said BNA reporter, six policemen and two small children of Mullah Samad were martyred following the blast.
He said the bomb placed close to Mullah Samad house.
But a local official in Khas-e-Urozgan district says, Taliban militants by constructing a secret underground placed the bomb close to house of the local commander.
It has been said there were no damaged incurred to Mullah Samad at the incident.

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