Taliban Crackdown Continued in Kandahar; One Hundred Attackers Killed

Kabul (BNA) Hundreds of Taliban insurgents were killed in ongoing counter-terrorism operations in Kandahar.

The operation was launched with the participation of hundreds of troops and air support in parts of Kandahar that have recently witnessed the presence of Taliban.

A senior Atal Army Corps official in south of the country told BNA that overnight, the security forces killed 100 insurgents, including the group’s ten commanders in Kandahar and wound dozens more.

The Taliban were targeted during air and ground attacks by security troops in Panjwai, Zheri and Shah Wali Kot districts.

A senior ANA official says, Taliban have been suppressed in Kandahar in recent days and are fleeing to Pakistan and neighboring Kandahar provinces.

According to reports, eight hideouts and five convoys carrying Taliban were targeted from ground and air.

Earlier, Kandahar police chief Gen. Tadin Khan said he would turn Kandahar into an armed Taliban cemetery.

The Taliban have not yet commented in this regard.

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