Taliban Militants Sustained Heavy Casualties In Badakhshan

Tuesday July 1, 2014
Faizabad (BNA) Afghan military forces started a special operation in Badakhshan province to clean Jorm district from existence of armed rebels, as a result of which insurgents sustained heavy casualties following the operation.
The operation launched with participation of dozens of National army and National police forces.
Military commander in the north of the country told BNA; so far dozens villages in the district have been cleared from the existence of armed rebel groups.
The commander said, thirteen armed oppositions were killed and tens other wounded during the operation.
Military forces say, armed rebels mostly organized their terrorist attacks in different parts of Badakhshan province from Dabanab Khoshak region.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Naweed Farootan spokesman of Badakhshan governor says, National army and National police forces with support of military air forces wanted to capture Dahanab-Khoshk region.
Farootan confirmed the killing of a National army soldier and injuring of two other military forces in the operation.

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