Taliban Recent Momentums Ineffective

Monday October 10, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Taliban recent momentums ineffective at the threshold of the Brussels Summit, the Taliban insurgents have conducted attacks on some provinces, aiming to put a shadow on Afghanistan in the conference.
Recently, the Taliban have mostly imposed pressure on northern Kunduz province, but fortunately, they faced the Afghan security forces and sustained heavy casualties. When the Taliban insurgents have realized they are not able to fight ANSF, they sheltered in civilian people houses, hoping to decrease the Afghan security forces attacks. Currently, the main aim of the Taliban is to have presence in Afghanistan’s media, and by overcoming the public minds, they want to show the government as failed in protection of people lives. Taliban movements in other provinces of the country such as, Baghlan, Faryab, Farah, Helmand, etc. also aim to launch war propaganda between the government and the Afghan security forces. To show themselves to public minds and take privileges, the Taliban insurgents are making effort to conduct suicide attacks and terrorist activities among the civilians.
Taliban are striving to create distance between the people and government, they also want to decrease the people support to government and avail the opportunity to their interest. But it seems the Taliban don’t know that the people still remember their dark period and what they have done to citizens of this country. The current government enjoys a legitimacy that the Taliban would never be able to have. But the Afghan security forces have successfully proved that they are like an iron fist against the enemies of Afghanistan and would never let them reach their vicious designs. The Taliban still didn’t attain any achievement in any part of the country and they should know that the people will always support their government and security forces. Therefore, the security officials of the country should have a specific strategy against the enemies to succeed on battlefields.

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