Taliban’s Highways Extortions Shouldn’t be Allowed, President Ghani

Kabul (BNA)  President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a video conference with the officials of the Army Corps 209 and the northern country’s provincial governors said, the people trust on the provincial governors and security institutions should be a principle, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Sunday.

During the video conference, the officials of the 209 Shaheen Army Corps and the provincial governors of the country’s north assured the president of their efforts to ensure security and that observing the security charter as the most important, the statement quoted.

Country’s president asked them for how to implement security and that the main goal was that the security and defense forces have to work together with the people and get mobilized against crime, usurpation of lands, irregularities and other illegalities. “People want implementation of the law and those individuals acting against law should be behaved legally and that the people trust on security forces and the governors was a principle,” said the country’s president.

The president as quoted in the statement, asked the provincial governors of the country’s provinces to share any specific plans relating to welfare and tranquility of the people of each province with the presidential office. “No individual or governmental and non-governmental authorities have the right to recruit personnel of the police and army and NDS for their personal security,” the country’s president noted adding these personnel were for the security of the people and that not ensuring security of the security authorities. Pointing to the security of the highways and alimentation of extortions by the Taliban, the country’s president said the Taliban should never be allowed to extort along the highways and loot public properties.

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