TAPI Practical Work to Starts within 6 Months

HERAT (BNA): Governor Noor Ahmad Islam Jar met with Turkmenistan’s ambassador to Kabul Khawaja Auzov and TAPI project executive director Mohammad Murad Amanov on Wednesday in his office.

In a meeting, Amanov executive director of the project said that practical work on the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan is planned to start in the next six months, adding that we are waiting for the acquisition of land by the Afghan government officials.

During the meeting the Turkmen ambassador said: ” We are currently working on a survey to deliver gas to the Herat Industrial Park, adding that land acquisition must be granted in accordance with international standards”.

Herat Governor Islam Jar said: “pipeline project is not only for gas transmission but also proves loyalty and friendship between the two nations,”.

The local administration of Herat will provide the land acquisition map available to the TAPI project as soon as possible, said the Herat governor, and called on The Turkmen side to start practical of the project.

The TAPI project is a 1814km trans-country natural gas pipeline running across four countries, starting from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and then entering Pakistan and India.


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