Terrorism Common Enemy of Afghanistan, Pakistan: Qanooni

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The acting president Mohammad Younus Qanooni in meeting with the Pakistan chief of army staff General Rahel Sharif here yesterday emphasized for initiating serious and friendly talks for strengthening relations and resolving problems between the two brotherly countries.
BNA reports, in the meeting, the chief of army staff of Afghanistan General Shir Mohammad Karimi and the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Afghanistan Sayed Ibrar was also present, the acting president pointed out that Afghanistan and Pakistan, in spite of having vast commonalities, they have a common enemy which is called terrorism and overcoming the menace requires serious and constructive talks. Qanooni also expressed his happiness over the tripartite talks among Afghanistan, Pakistan and America at military level and hoped that the process would pave the way for wider cooperation towards peace and stability in the region.
The acting president noted that taking confidence building between Pakistan and Afghanistan is constructive that can take our nations and countries towards enhancing economic cooperation.
In the meeting, General Rahel Sharif said that Pakistan honestly wants to boost the pillars of friendship with Afghanistan and that is why we have begun good talks with our Afghan counterpart.
According to another report, the defense minister General Bismillah Mohammadi held meeting with Pakistan chief of army staff yesterday and exchanged views on matters pertaining mutual interests.

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