The Leaders of Afghanistan, Tajikistani Aand Pakistan meet in Dushanbe: Commentary

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Kabul (BNA) It is due to, the leaders of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan hold a tripartite session, hosting by Tajikistan President very soon, aiming to expand regional cooperation, and coordinated straggle against terrorism and extremism.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the leaders of Afghanistan. Tajikistan and Pakistan will meet in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan very soon.
The session  will be hold on invitation of Imam Ali Rahman Tajik president aiming to remove the current tensions between Kabul and Islamabad relation, promoting regional cooperation, and coordinated straggle against terrorism and extremism.
The Dushanbe meeting has planned exactly in a time; an authoritative delegation from influential American senators visited Pakistan, and discussed the critical issues with the authorities of that country. 
John McCain the head of delegation explicitly said that if Pakistan continued its current activities and policy in the region, their retaliations with that country would not continue as it is now. Another American senator says the current dealing of Pakistan in the region is not acceptable, if that country changes its harmful policy regarding to region it will rewarded otherwise will be punish.
These statements indicate that while Pakistan experiencing cold and tense relations with its neighboring countries, its relations with USA and other western countries are also growing tense, the reason of it is clear. Pakistan funding, training, and providing sanctuaries for terrorist and extremist groups is following ambitious and illegal objectives in the region. Pakistan pursuing such evil goals has isolated. Pakistan, especially Afghanistan that is a transit road of Pakistani merchandise and goods to central Asian country and a big market for Pakistani products, barring this transit road and market for Pakistani goods will be a severe blow on Pakistan economy that would be intolerable for that country.
Pakistan, understanding this critical situation, for rescuing itself from the growing isolation is trying to build a closer relations with neighboring and regional countries especially Afghanistan. To achieve this goal, uses the Chinese influence, opportunities, and Russians for its role and influence enjoying in central Asian countries.
Now, Tajikistan is seeking to warm the chilly relations between Kabul and Islamabad. Without doubt, Dushanbe and Islamabad have certain economic objectives, which cannot be fulfill without Kabul cooperation. However, Afghan people ask their Tajik friends to precisely and truly understand the objectives and programs following by Pakistan and not forget that Afghan people have heroically fought against the fatal threats of terrorism and extremism for years, giving many sacrifices   barred them to reach central Asian countries. Unfortunately, there are signs and evidences that the devotions and sacrifices of Afghan people ignorant or depreciated. While Pakistan skillfully attracting other countries to its controversial policy, once used America and the west as a means for achieving their ambitious and illegal goals and now, use China and Russia for the purpose.
Afghan people, expect their honorable president to openly, and flagrantly discuss the relevant issues with Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani prime minister in Dushanbe session in presence of president of Tajikistan the host country.
Afghanistan earlier had contacted with Pakistani side, with mediation of Turkey, Britain, America, China and other countries, ended with commitments and promises but no any practical result. The Tajik authorities should inform about those.
Friendship and cooperation with neighboring, regional, and world countries is the major aim Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the leadership of our country have precisely observe and pursue this aim considering the national values.  Afghan people expect these values respected by the countries of the region.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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