The Process of Distribution of Electronic Identity Cards Should Be Supported

Monday, February 12, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Straggle against the current challenges and problems which reached in to a critical phase needs adopting urgent national measures, one of the measures could be the distribution of electronic identity cards, needs to be started as soon as possible.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes overcoming the current problems that have already drawn the country in to a critical situation, needs adopting urgent and practical measures to lead the country toward peace and stability. 
If we look at the depth of the problems, they have no social and legal aspects, but deeply rooted in asking political privileges and badly affected by political games.
Asking for political or ethnical privileges on distribution of electronic identity cards raise in time, the country suffering a critical situation and any ethnical and political discrimination are not in to the interests of our people and county.
In infant   democratic communities where people practicing a democratic process, raising any prejudice issues such as ethnical, linguistic and political will not be the benefit of people and the country.
In such communities, the focus should be made on recognition of social various strata and referring to law is the key for achieving this noble goal.
Today Afghanistan is suffering from enormous problems like, the activities of terrorist and extremist groups, money laundry, drug trafficking, organized crimes …   are the key problems that Afghans are facing. Afghan security forces have repeatedly arrested terrorists and drug traffickers who were not Afghans, they interred the country with artificial documents and conducting and leading terrorist attacks have killed Afghan innocent people and damaged their homeland. Some of these criminals have come to Afghanistan having artificial Afghan identity cards while in the same time they carried their won Pakistani identity cards.
Today, there are markets in Peshawar where have changed in to printing and distributing Afghan identity cards. For settling this problem, the program of distributing electronic identity cards should be considered and implemented as a national process. In this way we not only settle the problem of identity but the terrorists and their patrons cannot prepare artificial Afghan identity cards anymore.
In addition, the process will settle many political problems including holding elections.
Seeing these facts strongly ask for distribution of electronic identity cards, the political and technical barriers should not prevent the process, the relevant authorities should honestly respond to the demands of the people.
Identify card is a national document, therefore, should be looked and supported as a national process.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General

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